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How does keyboard mapping work in Linux? [duplicate]

I have always had trouble with understanding the way keyboard mapping and related things are put together in Linux. When things break, it makes my blood boil if I have to sift through endless ...
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How does bash print to the screen if not with a framebuffer? [duplicate]

I noticed that a framebuffer doesn't always exist on some systems. In these cases, how does bash print to the screen (assuming it ever uses fb devices at all)? Since there's no framebuffer device, ...
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How does the X server emit a character when the keyboard is pressed? [duplicate]

This is actually a coding question. I know that the X server checks the active keyboard layout to figure out which character (supporting unicode) to emit. But I don't actually know how this is done, ...
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Which module in a Linux distribution is responsible for keyboard shortcuts? [duplicate]

I have a specific problem with keyboard shortcuts and haven't gotten a solution for it so far, so now i need to know which module within a Linux distribution is responsible for handling keyboard ...
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How reading command line happens in Ubuntu [duplicate]

As I was doing a project, I came to know about how command line can be read using ncurses and GNU's readline library. However I could not find either in Ubuntu (16.04). I am curious to know how Ubuntu ...
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Is it the terminal or the shell that is responsible for actions of keystrokes? [duplicate]

I don't know exactly if the terminal is the handler of keystrokes like CTRL + C or CTRL + D and many others or the shell. When I press a keystoke I think about it this way, as the picture describes: ...
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How does a terminal emulator work [duplicate]

I never really understood how a terminal emulator (be it e.g. XTerm or the Linux virtual console) works. What transformations happen to the input (key up/down events) to produce the output (usually ...
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How does terminal in Linux actually work? [duplicate]

I'm using Linux console for years, but currently started thinking of how it actually works. Typing a command as a string and pressing Enter returns its output in the same terminal window. Opening a ...
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Keybord-key and the resulting character. Who is responsible (in the OS) [duplicate]

Pressing a key on the keybord results in different types of characters in different OS's. e.g. pressing the up arrow in windows will result in a nother sequence of characters then pressing the same ...
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How and when is keyboard data encoded from keyboard to application? [duplicate]

How and when is keyboard data encoded? I just want to know in basic terms the process from the keyboard to the application; when is the data from the keyboard encoded? Is it encoded by the keyboard ...
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What is the exact difference between a 'terminal', a 'shell', a 'tty' and a 'console'?

I think these terms almost refer to the same thing, when used loosely: terminal shell tty console What exactly does each of these terms refer to?
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What are the responsibilities of each Pseudo-Terminal (PTY) component (software, master side, slave side)?

I am trying to figure out how a tty works1 (the work-flow and responsibilities of each elements). I have read several interesting articles about it, but there are still some blurry areas. This is ...
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How to stop cursor from blinking

How do I make the cursor stop blinking when in a TTY? (or anywhere else). BONUS Points for one universal setting that stops the cursor blinking almost everywhere.
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Documentation on LESS_TERMCAP_* variables?

I see these pretty colors in manpages viewed with less when setting a bunch of these variables. What do they mean, where is the documentation? Is this interpreted by less or termcap? screenshot
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key bindings table?

Do we have a key bindings table that translates all the various ways of referring to a key press? I'm using zsh, but I presume that if there was such a table it would work for any shell. The reason I ...
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