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Automatically set group and permissions on files in a folder? [duplicate]

When I create new files and folders in a specific folder, I would like them to inherit the group and permissions of the parent folder. Is this possible ? For example mkdir -p cd ...
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Inherit the permissions on to the subfolders [duplicate]

I want to create a directory, for instance testing-data on CentOS 6.5 Linux version, and have read,write,execute to all the sub-folders and sub-sub-folders and files within them to everyone(all users),...
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How to handle CHMOD permissions like an expert? [duplicate]

From years, I am trying to fake I know how unix permissions works, but In fact, I don't understand anything. www-data is the apache2 user My own user is my_user, it's having sudo access I am using ...
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Centos, uploaded files from application have different owner and group [duplicate]

I have an application that uploads a file via SFTP using sftpuser. Once the file is uploaded the owner and group is user1:user1. The owner of the parent directory is apache:apache. I can not figure ...
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Default permissions in certain path in Linux [duplicate]

I have a directory in /media/project where I would like to share some stuff with other users. They should also be able to read, write and execute files in that path as well. Are you able to give ...
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Is there a way to prevent git from changing permissions and ownership on pull?

Every time I do git pull or git reset, git resets changes to permissions and ownership I made. See for yourself: #!/usr/bin/env bash rm -rf 1 2 mkdir 1 cd 1 git init echo 1 > 1 && git add ...
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How to add a read only group permission to a folder that already has a default group, and have it inherited for all newly created files & folders?

In Windows this is easy. I never fully figured out Linux permissions, I have a directory such as this: /Photos The current ACL permissions are as follows: owner: root - full access group: photos -...
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Linux Permissions - Inheriting / free for all shared folder

I used to run Windows Server and file sharing off my NAS was a breeze. I’ve worked out most permissions to make it work how I need and primarily use Samba to serve out the files. The only task I’m ...
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Setgid on a directory is not giving execute permission on the file within directory

I have created directory as following: root@host [~]# mkdir mydir root@host [~]# ls -ld mydir drwxrwxr-x 2 test test 4096 Mar 2 19:36 mydir root@host [~]# Then I have changed the group ownership ...
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How to set the default group, file permissions, and folder permissions, for an ext4 mount point?

I have an ext4 disk/partition on my machine and I want to make it so, by default: All files/folders have the group set to groupA All files have: user permissions rw group permissions rw so folks in ...
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How to set different file and directory default permissions with or without ACL within a shared directory with `setgid` and `sticky bit` set?

I have searched over on multiple SE sites, though there doesn't seem to be an answer to this question. Using setgid bit, it allows to retain parent group and sticky bit for ownership, though this ...
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How to manage permissions correctly when adding a new package to a reprepro repo

I've setup a local repo with reprepro, accessible via a local web server. Thus every file and dir in its file sub-tree owns to www-data:www-data. The problem is that every time I add a new package I ...
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Desktop app run by admin user (but not explicitly with sudo) takes file ownership of shared file

Similar to but I can't use the answer since I'm not running a command-line app as sudo....
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new files have different permissions [closed]

I have a folder I'm sharing with another user in a linux centos 7 box. even though I've set the permissions for the full folder to 777 it still locks new files created by the other user. the folder ...
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Files inside folder change their permissions

I am struggling with the following problem. I have read the following guide: Getting new files to inherit group permissions on Linux Yet, this has not helped me. (pgcluu is a postgresql cluster ...
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