I want to grep every block of lines that has starting line with "CK \" at the end of line and ending line that has "D \" at the end of line, I can use sed/awk/grep etc.

So far i have tried following with no luck:

$ sed -e '/CK \\$/,/D \\$/' file | more   

Here is the example of one of the blocks.

 pcs_dual_logic/e3bis_chbist_jj/e3bis_ch_ptn_gen_cur_st_reg_1_/CK \
  pcs_dual_logic/e3bis_chbist_jj/e3bis_ch_ptn_gen_cur_st_reg_1_/Q \
  pcs_dual_logic/e3bis_chbist_jj/U341/X \
  pcs_dual_logic/e3bis_chbist_jj/U331/X \
  pcs_dual_logic/e3bis_chbist_jj/U70/X \
  pcs_dual_logic/e3bis_chbist_jj/U487/X \
 pcs_dual_logic/est_jje3bis_ch_ptn_gen_e3bis_random_data_gen_random_data_reg_6_/D \
sed '/CK \\$/,/D \\$/!d' file | more

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