I'm currently using dwm 6.0 and I was wondering how I could change the font of programs like Firefox. I already changed the font given in the config.h and recompiled it but it didn't change anything. Am I right that I can't change the font of the terminal within the config.h ?


Each application chooses its own fonts. The window manager only chooses the fonts of the text that it displays, such as window title bars and its own menus.

Firefox uses Gtk settings to determine the appearance of its menus, dialog boxes and other user interface elements. To control the rendering of web pages, change the “Preferences → Content” settings, or for more control, set custom CSS (either via userContent.css or via an extension).

To change the font of the terminal, change the settings of whatever terminal emulator you are using.

  • So the font of the eg firefox buttons are controlled by the gtk settings? I can change them, right? But the webpages do show the exact same font as used by dwm and they don't differ from each other – lup3x Nov 4 '13 at 22:32

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