I was trying to modify the screen resolution using xrandr. I used the following command.

xrandr -s 1680x1050

It returned an error.

size 1680x1050 not found in available modes

I figured I have to define and add the mode.

cvt 1680 1050

worked. After that I tried to add new mode

xrandr --newmode <model-line>

Here the newmode option is not recognized. The command does not go through.

usage: xrandr [options]
 where options are 
-help. etc.

And the --newmode option is not even listed there.


Check the RandR version with this command:

xrandr -v

It might say something like this :

Server reports RandR version 1.1

xrandr is a command line interface to the RandR extension. The "--newmode" is not supported in RandR version 1.1.

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