I'm trying to install mono on my open suse linux.

I downloaded the latest rpm packages from the mono page

and tried to install the mono-core package with the --test attribute

rpm -ivh --test /home/martin/Downloads/mono-core-3.2.3-0.x86_64.rpm

but got an error saying:

error: Failed dependencies:
        mono(System.ComponentModel.Composition) = is needed by mono-core-3.2.3-0.x86_64
        mono(System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations) = is needed by mono-core-3.2.3-0.x86_64
        mono(System.Data) = is needed by mono-core-3.2.3-0.x86_64
        mono(System.Runtime.Serialization) = is needed by mono-core-3.2.3-0.x86_64
        mono(System.ServiceModel) = is needed by mono-core-3.2.3-0.x86_64

I understand that these dependencies should be installed first, but there isn't any just 'mono' package. Am I missing something here ?

  • I deleted my comments, to remove cluster (and erroneous info) from this QA. – Anthon Nov 3 '13 at 7:16

The mono documentation is not very clear on exactly how to install the packages they provide: install the packages "mono" ... while there is no single package with that name.

One of the multitude of packages you have to download probably provides mono as a virtual package, providing the dependency your installation attempt complains about. Installing all packages at once should solve the issue:

cd /home/martin/Downloads
rpm -ivh *.rpm

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