Somehow I don't find a way of changing the font size of a specific string of text.

I know how to do it globally or temporarily for the whole buffer.Changing the default font is not the issue here.

Sometimes I use math symbols like ω, Ω or ב and want to change these to a bigger font. I'd need a simple way of doing this. Alternatives to make these symbols more visible are welcome too.


What you are looking for is an Emacs face that uses larger size characters. See the face attribute :height, for instance, in the Elisp manual, node Face Attributes.

You can apply a face to any piece of text (e.g., a word or expression). You can do this by program or manually. If by program, it can be done using font-lock-keywords (automatic syntax highlighting) or using any of various text highlighting functions.

Such highlighting can be effected using the face text property or the face overlay property; that is, it can be attached to buffer text (or to a string), on the one hand, or overlaid on top of the buffer, on the other hand.

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