I want to use rsync to backup a directory from a local location to a remote location, and store changed files in another remote location. I did use:

rsync -rcvhL --progress --backup \
  [email protected]:/home/user/Changes/`date +%Y.%m.%d` . \
  [email protected]:/home/user/Files/

The --backup-dir stays empty, while it should be filled. Is it possible what I'm trying to accomplish is not possible or am I doing something wrong?

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In combination with the --backup option, this tells rsync to store all backups in the specified directory on the receiving side. This can be used for incremental backups. You can additionally specify a backup suffix using the --suffix option (otherwise the files backed up in the specified directory will keep their original filenames).

Keyword, receiving side. So, the correct syntax is --backup-dir=/path/on/destination/server Hope that answers your question.

When I saw your syntax I got a little bit excited for a second, because I thought that it became capable of redirecting the backed up files to another server.


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