Assume I have a VM running on OSX with private IP which can be accessed from the host machine.

I was wondering how can I map a pseudo domain, *.app.dev, to the private IP on my host machine so that on my host machine I can resolve the domain *.app.dev to

The purpose of this setup is to have virtual environment for development and not pollute my host machine with unnecessary packages and services.

edit: I realize that /etc/hosts can accomplish non wildcard domain names, I should have been more clear and mention wildcard domain names.


You can do this with dnsmasq.

Dnsmasq is a very small DNS server usually used as a proxy. It offers a lot of ways to manipulate DNS lookups, one of which is to respond to all DNS queries for a domain with a single IP.

The example dnsmasq.conf file has specific example for this:

# Add domains which you want to force to an IP address here.
# The example below send any host in double-click.net to a local
# web-server.

The following 2 lines are all that you would need to get running


(You can change the server parameter to whatever upstream server you want. Or use resolv-file to use a resolv.conf file)

Then just configure your system to use as a DNS server.

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The easiest way is to add the following line to /private/etc/hosts:  app.dev 
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