It is easy to make a mistake when copying (cp), moving/renaming (mv), removing (rm/rmdir), creating dirs (mkdir), and changing file permissions (chmod). It would be nice to have a log to view before commit.

Is there a tool to do these actions in a "transaction" and allow before/after diff and rollback? I know my question is very broad as there are a huge number of commands that could be supported. Even if the most basic actions were supported it would be helpful.

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Mbox is a sandbox tool capable of committing the filesystem changes as a whole, and it allows the user to see the diff for each change. It works by using system call interposition.


Maybe you can look at NILFS - http://nilfs.sourceforge.net/en/


AFAIK, there is no tools which supports directly transactions.

But there is for example file systems which supports snapshots like Btrfs.

If the file sizes are not very huge, I suggest you to have a look at version-control-systems (VCS) like git which can at least be used to see changes and restore to old versions. For the /etc-directory there is for example etckeeper, which also supports file permissions, that are normally not handled totally by VCS systems.

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