I am using Dropbox to have an online backup of some data. However I want to encrypt my data before uploading it to Dropbox. Therefore I have created a TrueCrypt container and I am using rsync to synchronize the original data with the data in the TrueCrypt container. The reason for this duplicative setup is because I want both hassle-free local access and an encrypted online backup.

However now on to my question. I wrote a script which uses rsync for the local synchronisation. I however do not want to execute it manually. Could someone tell me how I can run the script, say every 30 seconds, from the moment I login to my computer?

ps: I could always embed the current code of my script in a never-ending while loop and add sleep 30. However are there other more sophisticated ways?


It sounds like you want a cron job. Most cron daemons do not allow second resolution, but you could run a job every minute as root using something like the following in /etc/cron.d/encrypted-backup (assuming you want to run as root):

* * * * * root rsync [...]

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