I'm trying to replace this text in VIM

Actual Path /home/omipenguin/Servers\ Information/systemscript.sh/sysinfo.txt

with this new path


I tried

%s/\/home\/omipenguin\/Servers\ Information\/systemscript.sh\/sysinfo.txt//home/sysinfo/g

but VIM gives me Pattern not Found. What is wrong?


The forward slash / is used by vim as the default pattern separator: it separates the pattern from the substitution you want to make, so vim misconstrued the slashes in your path. You can specify another separator, like so:

%s!/home/omipenguin/Servers\\ Information/systemscript.sh/sysinfo.txt!/home/sysinfo!g

Note how you also need to escape the backslash \ because of its special meaning in regular expressions.

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