I have recently installed Code Sourcery's ARM EABI Tool Chain. All the executable binaries were installed in a separate folder. I thought that the bin path will be added to env variable $PATH. However, after installation I was unable to run, as the bin path was not added to the env variable.

So, I removed the directory, downloaded just the binaries (not installation package). Moved to /opt/ folder and I added the new path to the PATH variable by adding the line

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/arm/usr/local/bin

in /etc/profile.

Later I restarted my computer and I see that the path to code sourcery's bin(installation path) is present in $PATH along with my manual entry.

I checked


I didn't find the path to CodeSourcery's installation

How do I remove it now? Though its of no use as the directory is absent. I want to remove that path.

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    Check /etc/profile.d/, ~/.bash_profile. But I can't understand why you don't just add export PATH=$PATH:/opt/arm/usr/local/bin to ~/.bashrc? – dchirikov Oct 16 '13 at 11:06