I use my laptop in 3 display setups:

  • laptop only
  • laptop + monitor
  • laptop + projector

For each one I use different screen setup and panel layout. It's quite boring to modify layout after each display setup change.

As I can use ARandr to create display setups and save them into executable, is there something similar to do same with KDE panels?

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    unfortunately, not at this time no. There currently are some people working on kscreen stuff. Don't know if they actually plan on making this happen. I want this feature too. (pretty sure I have a bug open for screen profiles) Oct 15, 2013 at 21:39

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If your KDE4 installation doesn't provide krandr (or perhaps KRandRTray as it was called on KDE3) you may be screwed until things get better (perhaps with KDE5?).

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