Is it possible to increase the space between the icons in the xfce notification area? I want to change the spacing so that the notification area looks like the indicator plugin on the left (see the picture). Right now it looks horrible with this inconsistency.

Maybe there is a solution in the xfce forums, but i hope that i don't have to compile the whole notification plugin only for such a small change.



I'm afraid the current notification area doesn't support this sort of setting, hence apart from compiling it on your own, you can file a feature bug for it to become run-time adjustable.

  • I filed a feature request at XFCEs Bugzilla.
    – klingt.net
    Oct 16 '13 at 8:23

There is an option to check in the notifications area settings. It is called something like (my xfce is not in english) "display in a frame" and it increase a little bit the space. But there is no way to set the space...

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