Is it possible to boot linux without a initrd.img ? I am planning to add default drivers as a part-of-kernel itself and avoid initrd completely.

What are the modules that should be made part-of-the-kernel instead of loadable modules ?

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    What ever is needed for the kernel to see your boot media (hard disk/raid driver/volume manager) and the root filesystem. – forcefsck Mar 17 '11 at 11:59

It is, unless your root volume is on an LVM, on a dmcrypt partition, or otherwise requires commands to be run before it can be accessed.

I haven't used an initrd on my server in years. You need at a minimum these modules built in:

  • the drivers of whatever controller where your root volume disk lives
  • the drivers necessary to "get to" that like PCI, PCIe support, USB support, etc.
  • the modules that run the filesystem mounted on it

    It's also a very good idea to build in your network card drivers as well.

    I've found that lspci/lsmod can help you here from your currently running kernel, look at what's there and use the make menuconfig search option before compiling to find where to enable the modules.

  • UPDATE: Linux needs a user-space program to boot off of a volume by uuid. You will almost always want to boot by uuid if A) you are trying to boot off of USB and B) there's a possibility that other mass-storage devices may be connected - Linux doesn't always assign your boot-time USB partitions /dev/sd*. So you will want to specify a uuid. And you need an initrd that contains the script that mounts the root volume by uuid, the kernel can't do it. – LawrenceC Aug 10 '12 at 21:16
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    You can boot from USB without an initramfs by using PARTUUID= and rootwait. See kernel-parameters.txt and Why can't I specify my root fs with a UUID? and What's the point of rootwait/rootdelay? – bain Jan 28 '16 at 14:51

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