var= "$(find . -name 'gen*.bt2')" 

 if [ "$var" == "" ]
         echo bad
         echo great  

I get errors

./script.sh: line 4: ./gen.4.bt2 ./gen.rev.1.bt2 ./gen.rev.2.bt2 ./gen.1.bt2 ./gen.3.bt2 ./gen.2.bt2: No such file or directory great

However, when I run the same code in terminal, files are listed perfectly, without any error.

Can someone correct me, where am I going wrong?

I need to check, if certain files are present or not, if present then proceed.

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The problem is the space in your assignment. The shell is whitespace-sensitive. Your command is the equivalent of:

var="" "./gen.4.bt2 ./gen.rev.1.bt2 ./gen.rev.2.bt2 ./gen.1.bt2 ./gen.3.bt2 ./gen.2.bt2" # output of find

You need to remove the space:

var="$(find . -name 'gen*.bt2')" 
  • @ jordanm so silly of me. Bash is real bad when it comes to SPACES. Thanks much!! Oct 10, 2013 at 4:46

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