If i want to awk the below pattern in a file

Mobilenumber '91_987986787688899' was successful

I used the below code

awk '/Mobilenumber '91_987986787688899' was successful/ {print $0}' Log Filename

Though the log file has that sentence its not rendering any result.

I spent a while on this but was not successful... Please help


You can also use grep:

grep "91_987986787688899.*successful" file

Unless your file has a very strange format, you could also probably just do this:

awk '/91_987986787688899.*successful/' file

There is no need for print $0, it is implied.


Simply enclose your pattern in double quotes. In your case though, you'll want to escape $ to avoid variable interpolation by the shell:

awk "/Mobilenumer '91_987986787688899' was successful/ {print \$0}" your_file

You can also use sed whose default action is to print its pattern space:

sed "/Mobilenumer '91_987986787688899' was successful/" your_file   

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