In the Linux kernel configuration, a fake LR-WPAN driver can be enabled and added to the kernel that will be compiled. Why would someone want a fake LR-WPAN driver? I assume it would be for debugging, but I do not want to only assume. The documentation and Google do not appear to have an answer.


From the description in the kernel configuration file (Kconfig in the driver directory):

tristate "Fake LR-WPAN driver with several interconnected devices"
depends on  IEEE802154_DRIVERS
Say Y here to enable the fake driver that serves as an example
of HardMAC device driver.

This driver allows testing, debugging and experimenting with Linux's IEEE 802.15.4 subsystem, even if you have no corresponding hardware. Its source can also be a template to write a driver for some IEEE 802.15.4 driver. It is only of interest to programmers of IEEE 802.15.4-related tools and drivers.

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