If I launch eclipse from the command line, the application is aware of the environment variables of the user (e.g. PYTHONPATH) and sets up the interpreter accordingly with Auto Config. This is not the case if I launch an application with a GUI icon or an application launcher. If my application launcher supports scripting, is there a way for me to specify which user's environment to use?


I think replacing /path/to/executable in your program launcher with

sh 'exec /path/to/executable'

should do the trick. sh is meant to represent your target shell: modify ad lib.

I'm assuming here that your user account is the one that creates the PYTHONPATH variable. Unless you're root or have properly configured sudo access, you are not allowed to clone the environment of another user.

  • I was using an external bash script. And it had the basic system env's (e.g. USER, HOME), but not the ones I defined in .bashrc I was able to get the environment variables by manually adding it to the script. I could have sourced .bashrc, but I deemed it unnecessary. – Forethinker Oct 6 '13 at 0:21

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