I've been using GNU Screen for a while now, but I prefer mapping the command key to something other than C-a, as I use that to go to the beginning of a line. For a while now, I've been running screen with:

screen -e^Kk

Which sets the command key to C-k. Changing the command key is supposed to also change the command to toggle between screen windows (it should always be the command key, twice), i.e. C-k C-k. This used to work, but after a recent reboot, it doesn't anymore.

Weirdly, if I use C-j as my command key, the toggle works fine. It seems to be a problem with the letter k. But only the toggle command fails. I can still use:

  • C-k c - create window
  • C-k A - rename window
  • C-k n - switch to next window
  • C-k p - switch to previous window
  • C-k ' - switch to named/numbered window

So the only thing that fails for me is:

screen -e^Kk
C-k C-k  // should switch to most-recently displayed other window

I have no idea why this would happen, or what else I can do to troubleshoot it.

I'm running ubuntu, and

screen -v
Screen version 4.00.03jw4 (FAU) 2-May-06
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    i have a good suggesstion : use tmux : Terminal MULtiplexer instead of screen command – PersianGulf Oct 2 '13 at 16:41

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