I have the latest stable versions of Emacs (24.3) and of Zsh (5.0.2).

I can run Zsh without problem from a terminal (e.g. ITerm2), but if I try to run it from M-x ansi-term I get the error:

Emacs ansi-term with zsh: error in process filter. Invalid face: unspecified

This is the case even if I start M-x ansi-term with bash and then I try to switch to zsh.

This is all on Mac OS X. Any thoughts on what may be causing this and how to overcome it?

  • This is probably an error in a configuration file somewhere. unspecified is a valid face attribute but not a valid face, it looks like one has been used for the other. Do you have a .emacs file? Do you have the problem if you run emacs -q? if you run emacs -Q? – Gilles Sep 30 '13 at 20:17

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