I want to emulate an ARM processor for running the assembly programs using QEMU in RHEL. I have installed QEMU but I still have problems in running the assembly program. I got the assembly program, memory map and the makefile from this link. However, if I run the below command,

qemu-system-arm -S -s -M versatilepb -daemonize -m 128M -d in_asm,cpu,exec -kernel hello_world.bin ; gdb-multiarch --batch --command=hello_world.gdb

I get an error as "hello_world.bin - No such file or directory". I am not sure what is to be done to run the above command. So, I got an ARM image from this link. Instead of hello_world.bin, if I specify the kernel name as "zImage.Integrator", I am getting a QEMU console window. However, I am not able to type or do anything in that window. Can someone please let me know how to run an assembly program using QEMU for ARM?

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Alright, I figured out what am making wrong. I should actually run the make command which will create my object file and binary file. I got more information on running the command from this link. Now, I have to figure out how to install GDB to interact between the ARM and QEMU.

  • I ran using the below commands. echo "PATH=$PATH:/opt/ARM/bin" >> /home/"$(whoami)"/.bashrc source /home/"$(whoami)"/.bashrc – Ramesh Sep 23 '13 at 17:34

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