For some reason, Dsniff isn't found on my Kali system. So I downloaded the DSniff tar.gz file and extracted it on my desktop using:

tar zxvf dsniff-2.3.tar.gz
cd dsniff-2.3
./configure && make && make install

I get the following error:

checking for Berkeley DB with 1.85 compatibility...configure: error: Berkeley DB with 1.85 compatibility not found.

How can I get Dsniff installed & working?


No need to compile dsniff on a debian-like OS, simply run :

sudo apt-get install dsniff

Berkeley DB is a common simple database used by a lot of things, so I am sure Kali should have it available.

At a glance it looks to me like Kali uses apt, so:

apt-cache search Berkeley

Should give you a list of a few dozen items. Since you are building against it, you probably want the libdb-dev package. Presumably this pulls in the executables as dependencies -- I believe that's one of the packages starting with 'db4' or 'db5'.

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