I just bought a HP ProlLiant DL320e G8 v2 and I am trying to install CentOS or Ubuntu Server on it from a USB. The problem is that I do not have any option for this in Intelligent Provisioning (the only options are Windows, Red Hat Linux, Open Suse Enterprise, VMWare ESXI/vSphere Custom Image and VMWare ESX Custom Image.

I changed the boot order in bios and I've put USB first but it does not boot. What can I do now?

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You don't need to use Intelligent Provisioning to install Linux onto this server. That's for streamlined installations of ESXi, Windows and such.

You say you're installing from "a USB". Is that a USB CD or DVD drive? A USB thumb drive? What did you place onto the media? An .ISO?

  • Try burning a CD and using the internal drive.
  • If there's no internal drive, try an external drive.
  • Use a supported version of the Linux distribution of your choice and try installing from the ILO interface.

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