On an RHEL6 system, I'd like my postGIS implementation (ie my postgres/postgresql databases) to use Enthought's Canopy distribution of python, rather than the built-in GNU's distribution. (This is because postGIS needs some packages that seem hard to install from RHEL's built-in repositories.)

How can I change the python path / etc just for postgres?


There are a couple of methods to try.

Override stop/start script

In the stop/start script for PostgresSQL I would add the path to this custom version of Python. The start/stop script is here, for example: /etc/init.d/postgresql. If you add a line towards the top of this script:

export PATH=/path/to/postGIS/python:$PATH

You'll override the location that Python is used from.

Add a customization vis sysconfig

Most Red Hat services will look in the directory /etc/sysconfig for additional customizations. You could try adding the custom PATH there instead.

Create a file like this: /etc/sysconfig/pgsql/mycustompath.bash, and add the following line to it (you might need other entries as well):

export PATH=/path/to/postGIS/python:$PATH


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