I want to download aptitude to build it from source on my 64bit machine.
It is a Thinkpad with a normal x86_64 CPU, nothing special.

The download page only has:

  • alpha
  • amd64
  • armel
  • armhf
  • hppa
  • hurd-i386
  • i386
  • ia64
  • kfreebsd-amd64
  • kfreebsd-i386
  • m68k
  • mips
  • mipsel
  • powerpc
  • powerpcspe
  • ppc64
  • s390
  • s390x
  • sh4
  • sparc
  • sparc64
  • x32

I find it hard to believe x86_64 is not available.
Am I missing something?

Note: I believe ia64 is for Itanium, so not for me.


What you're looking for is called "amd64".
"ia64" it's Itanium, "i386" is 32bit Intel 386.
The 64bit architecture was originally developed by AMD, and then adopted by Intel.

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