I have a vncserver set up on my remote machine and am using vnc viewer to interact with that machine.

I am also used to doing the following: 1. Remote connecting to a machine with an ssh client like Putty and using Xming for X11 forward so that I can open linux programs but have them appear on my windows desktop and move about freely.

What I don't like about the vnc viewer is that linux programs have to 'stay' within the view viewer window, and there is essentially less screen space to interact programs with.

I am wondering if there is a way to get the kind of experience that I am used to with Xming but with vnc somehow?

I know I could use screen with a terminal, but I don't wan to do that. I want to use vnc somehow.

BTW, my operating system is Windows 7


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xpra is screen for X11, and does exactly what you ask

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