I have a problem with command editing in bash. If all of the following are true...

  1. My (single-line) prompt is particularly long.
  2. The terminal window is relatively narrow.
  3. I pressed Ctrl+C to exit the previous process, so that ^C is displayed at the left of the line.
  4. The command I'm editing wraps to the next line.

...then the editing is messed up. I end up replacing characters offset by 2 positions from the ones I thought I was editing.

Similar things happen if, at step 4, I type in a command that spans multiple lines (rather than pressing Up). I can backspace onto the previous line, and then delete two characters of my prompt.

Basically this:

(Some output)
^Cuser@host:~/path/to/somewhere $ some long command
that wraps

Is broken by the ^C that appears at the start of the line.

I've tried some other commands (e.g. sleep 30), and the ^C appears on a line by itself, and the prompt appears on the next line. This only seems to happen with node.js: node some_command_that_wraps.js.

In case it's important, I have a brightly-coloured, git-integrated PROMPT_COMMAND. You can find it on github, in case I've done something stupid in that.


My PS1 is (for example) set to (I've wrapped it slightly):

\[\e[0;97m\]{\[\e[0;94m\]master\[\e[0;92m\]\[\e[0;91m\] ~1\[\e[0;97m\]}

...which displays (with more colour):

roger@roger-p5q:~/Source/rlipscombe/bash_profile [master ~1] $ 

As far as I can tell, the escape characters are correctly non-countable (using \[ .. \]).

How do I either:

  • Get bash to detect the ^C and move to the next line?, or
  • Not mess up the command editing?
  • Can you provide your bash version and the output of stty -a?
    – phemmer
    Oct 13, 2013 at 14:05

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If you just want a solution so you can carry on working; under these circumstances I simply hit enter once or twice and end up with a clean prompt.

If some previous output has contributed to the mess with 'wierd' characters, I might also issue the reset command.

If you're really curious and need to figure out the root cause, I'm afraid I've never figured out these particular intricacies of readline ...

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