When using at is there a limitation on the amount of minutes to use?
E.g I rescheduled programmatically via a script to run in the next 2014.989 minutes (taken from the log) but when I do atq I don't see anything listed.
I assume my rescheduling failed? Why? How could I debug this?


at does not support decimals:

at now + 1.5 minutes
syntax error. Last token seen: .
Garbled time        

Working version:

 at now + 5000 minutes
at> wall "POC"
at> <EOT>
job 8 at Thu Sep 12 23:20:00 2013 

I guess your best way is to remove what is right of the '.'. Also at does not seem to accept seconds, from the man page:

" now + count time-units, where the time-units can be minutes, hours, days, or weeks"

As for debugging why your reschedule failed, you should make your script log to a log file: cmd 2&>1 >> /path/to/logfile

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