Is this possible? I had an old HD encrypted with Symantec PGP. I attempted to decrypt the disk with Symantec's boot time recovery tool. It stalled 18% in, I let it sit for 16 hours, and the machine would no longer boot.

I was able to recover the home directory and copy that to another machine however all of the files are encrypted. I don't have Symantec PGP on this new Linux machine, but I do have GPG installed. Is there a way to decrypt the old files? I have the correct passphrase and I believe I have the keyrings still.


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I searched and did not come up with any method that would allow you to do this using GPG. The recommended method is outlined in this thread, titled: PGP WDE - Restore MBR or get data from an encrypted disk. It's suggested that you use the WDE Recovery CD.


I found on the support forum the following question:

I'm currently forced to use PGP desktop, and as it turns out, it will prevent my mac from suspending to disk (i.e. hibernating), so I'm looking for alternative full disk encryption tools (after I've formatted my HD because our security dept. has disabled the Decrypt option of my PGP Desktop). So, does GPGTools support suspend-to-disk/hibernate?

To which the answer was:

unfortunately GPGTools doesn't support full disk encryption at this point. You're stuck with the Symantec people :(

So I would conclude that the GPG tool can not do this.


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