I want when the computer start, a byobu session is started and a command executed in the first window (windows 0), without requiring any user intervention.

It is very important that this doesn't require an actual user to login.

How to do that?

I suppose this byobu will be accessible later to user root (or if possible another user ?)

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If you want a command to be executed at boot time, you can put it in your crontab with @reboot instead of a time. So run crontab and add a line like

@reboot byobu -S boot-time mycommand

Instead of putting the command on the command line of byobu, you can put it in a Byobu session file.

If you want the session to be executed as root, you can start it from /etc/rc.local instead of root's crontab. Be sure to start it in the background, since the boot isn't complete until /etc/rc.local has finished running.

byobu -S boot-time mycommand &

Now byobu is based on tmux, the easiest way is to directly use tmux.

in my case I use the following syntax:

tmux new -d -s session-name /path/to/my/Script.sh

and connect to it I use:

tmux session has -t-name

in your crontab you will have to enter:

@reboot tmux new -d -s session-name /path/to/my/Script.sh

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