Everytime I want to "print to file", say, a website in Iceape [Seamonkey] in Linux [Debian], I have to set all the options for printing anew to overwrite the default settings. Not just every time I restart the browser but for every single document!

Question: How to set "Title" in the top left corner and "Page x of y" in the bottom right corner once and for all. All other fields should be empty: no URL, no date, no nothing – this should be also set once and for ever.

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To get .pdf files from print to file with the defined header and footer in Iceape [Seamonkey], I found the following way:

Get Default Values

  1. Open the address about:config via Iceape's [Seamonkey's] Location Bar. One is asked to continue only if one is sure what one does… [as always: make notes what you've changed and resetting will be much simpler in, say, a year from now]
  2. Enter printer_PostScript/default.print_ in the field next to Filter:
  3. look for the following entries: entries to be edited for making printer settings permanently

Customize Values

  1. right-click on one of the entries and choose "Modify"
  2. edit the entries, according to the following syntax:

Valid Values are:

  • &T   Title of the document
  • &U   URL
  • &D   Date/time
  • &P   Page number
  • &PT Page x of y
  • for empty delete the contents
  • (any string): A literal string with the above substitutions made
→ Source: Mozilla Knowledge Base About:config entries

The settings in the image above will result in exactly what is asked: Title in the Upper Left Corner and the Page Count [page x of y] in the bottom right corner. All other fields are empty


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