On Linux, given an USB surfstick with a SIM card that has a PIN, how can I disable the PIN of the SIM card?

Note that the PIN is known, I do not want to crack it etc, just disable it.

  • That might depend both on the SIM model and on the modem model. – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Sep 1 '13 at 19:58
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    If the SIM is removable, why not putting it into a phone and clearing the PIN there? – peterph Sep 3 '13 at 17:20

The following commands will allow you to remove SIM CODE from SIM card

screen /dev/USB0 Let's assume you have a modem on /dev/ttyUSB0 (check dmesg when you plug your usb to ensure that)

The following commands will not be echoed - the easiest way is to prepare commands and copy paste to avoid typos. Others tools than screen exists but I found screen widely used in command platform.

ATZ should return OK

AT+CPIN? should return +CPIN: SIM PIN indicating SIM PIN is needed

AT+CPIN="xxxx" replace xxxx by your PINCODE. should return OK. you have access to the SIM

AT+CLCK="SC",0,"xxxx" replace xxxx by your PINCODE. disable pin code

The following keyboard sequence will exit screen: ctrl+a k y


Setting the pin to 0000 usually disable it.

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