This doesn't seem to work

The next example would delete everything between "ONE" and "TWO:" 

sed '
/ONE/ {
# append a line
# search for TWO on the second line 
    /\n.*TWO/ {
# found it - now edit making one line
        s/ONE.*\n.*TWO/ONE TWO/
}' file

i was expecting to delete everything between ONE and TWO.i tried with file where file contains.

[user5@mailserver ~]$ cat file

but the output come like

[user5@mailserver ~]$ ./test

I was expecting ONE TWO I am trying to make it correct but not able to do.

  • I'd simply use a small PCRE, with by replacing s/ONE.*TWO/ONE\nTWO/n something like this. make sure your Regexp matches around newlines! Here's an answer that'll probably solve your problem: stackoverflow.com/questions/8624283/… – polemon Aug 27 '13 at 12:44

This will do the job

sed '/^ONE/,/TWO/{/^ONE/!{/TWO/!d}}' file

/^ONE/,/TWO/ Look at the first line starting with ONE up to TWO

{/^ONE/! do the following if my line does not start with ONE

{/TWO/!d}} do the following if my line does not start with TWO and delete

To summerize the above:

Find everything that starts with ONE up to TWO. Another check is ran which means, find everything that don't match 'ONEandTWO` and delete the rest.


I would use

sed 'N;N;s/ONE.*\n.*TWO/ONE TWO/' file

Note the two N operations to join three lines together to allow the s opertation to work.

(this also keeps close to your original example).

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