I created a virtual machine in VMware as follows:

  1. SCSI HDD 1 GB (Main for short)
  2. SCSI HDD 0.8 GB (UClone for short)
  3. SCSI HDD 4 GB as a physically plugged UFD (Uphys for short)
  4. Arch Linux ISO as virtual CD

Where the UFD is a live USB created with YUMI.

After booting Arch via the ISO with fdisl -l, I get this mapping:

  1. Main is sda
  2. UClone is sdb
  3. Uphys is sdc and is reported as W95 FAT32 (LBA).

Now I want to clone Uphys to UClone, note that Uphys used space is about 600 Mega. If I issue:

partclone.fat32 -b -s /dev/sdc -o /dev/sdb

I get:

fatclone.c: Unknown fat type!!

Is it referred to source or output? The former is reported as W95 FAT32, the latter is unallocated.


With /dev/sdc1 as source, instead of /dev/sdc, I can go a bit further. But it seems that partclone is unable to get the actual used block size: http://s24.postimg.org/vwzhkhzcl/partclone1.png

If I set the -C option as suggested, I get a clone seek error and the destination device gets messed: http://postimg.org/image/51xaywn6r/

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I think yumi installs things to a partition, not to the entire disk, in which case it should not be /dev/sdc, but /dev/sdc1 should be your source? Likewise for the output. Take a look at the detailed fdisk -l /dev/sdc should make that clear. That is the only reason I can think of because otherwise your syntax is fine.

  • I updated the question based on your suggestions.
    – antonio
    Commented Aug 24, 2013 at 15:53

As @johnshen64 said, you need to be copying to a partition as well as from a partition, not a device. If the destination partition were sdb1, then the command would be:

partclone.fat32 -b -s /dev/sdc1 -o /dev/sdb1

In the attached screenshot you only fixed half of the command.


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