I've got PCManFM and Xfe as graphical file managers in my Arch Linux with Openbox. When I click on the Trash link in PCManFM I get an error saying "Operation not supported".

Question: Where do PCManFM and xfe put files you sent to the Trash? Thanks.


You need to install gvfs to get PCManFM's Trash Can to work.

It stores the files in the FreeDesktop standard location: ~/.local/share/Trash/files

  • That's great, thanks! Does anyone know where xfe put its trash? – hpy Mar 20 '11 at 15:58

I had the same problem, but in a different situation and thus different solution. In my case deletion did only not work for files on my second hard drive. For this to work I had to create the directory ".Trash" in the top level of the hard drive. The permissions must be set like this:

chmod 1777 .Trash

For the why look here: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/trash-spec/trashspec-latest.html

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