I have Arch linux with minimal amount of packages including xorg group and catalyst.

I run X :0 and then run in infinity cycle following monitoring script:

while [ true ]; do
    DISPLAY=:0 aticonfig --odgt | grep Sensor
    sleep 1

In normal case it yield something like this:

              Sensor 0: Temperature - 35.00 C
              Sensor 0: Temperature - 35.00 C
              Sensor 0: Temperature - 36.00 C

But after exactly 49 runs of aticonfig Xserver stop working. It still in processes list, I still can kill it without trouble but X isn't response to any program that is needed it. And X stop writing to log files and to stdout.

With aticonfig I get following error output:

aticonfig: This program must be run as root when no X server is active

It isn't necessary to run exactly aticonfig. Even run of any X related application decrease number of feature runs of aticonfig. It may be clinfo or any opencl application.

I reproduced such behaviour on Xorg 1.14.2 and 1.13.4, on Catalyst 13.4, 13.8.beta1, 13.8.beta2.

Xorg stdout output after Xserver start: http://pastie.org/8256590

/var/log/Xorg.0.log after Xserver start: http://pastie.org/8256594

Xorg stdout output after each run of aticonfig: http://pastie.org/8256605

/var/log/Xorg.0.log after each run of aticonfig: http://pastie.org/8256608

xorg.conf is basic: http://pastie.org/8262513

So is it possible to configure o run X with unlimited accesses?


X has no access limit to configure - this is not something that is supposed to happen, but instead sounds like a bug in ATI's fglrx driver.

The only limit in this area X is expected to have is a limit on the number of open client connections - that's not configurable without recompiling the source code today, but patches have been proposed to allow an option to configure at runtime. But once a program closes its connection and exits, that frees its slot for the next program, so doesn't match your description.

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