I need to kill all the child process.

The main process in lmbench

pkill -9 lmbench 

is not killing it, but

kill -9 <pid>

kills the parent process,

but even after killing the parent process some process from /usr/lib/lmbebch/bin keeps running,

How to kill all process or executables located inside /usr/lib/lmbench ?

or kill lmbench with its children.

I cannot use ctrl + c as I start it from a shell script and use pipe to control lmbench

Solved the problem by using

busybox killall -9 lmbench
busybox pkill -P $lmbenchPID

but is there any single command way?

lmbenchDriver.sh is the shell script that calls lmbench

so after lmbenchDriver exits, I still can see process

lmbenchDriver, lembench, mem, line,


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Try to use

pkill -P PPID

which should kill all children of parent process with ID = PPID.

  • busybox killall -9 lmbench busybox pkill -P $lmbenchPID together solved the problem
    – limovala
    Commented Aug 16, 2013 at 8:26

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