I have installed tags so I can jump to a function body in another file via CTRL + ]
I know that I can do gf to jump to another file.
I know that I can do CTRL-w s to split the vim window.
What I don't know and I am very interested in, is how can I combine the first 2 with the last.
I.e. how could I jump to another file via tag or gf opening the file in a separate tab?


You can split and open a new file at the named tag with the command :stag, it appears to default to the binding Ctrl-w, Ctrl-].

You could bind that to whatever then:

map <F2> :stag

If needs to be done in a tab, then, you can do it in two steps:

Ctrl-w,Ctrl-] Ctrl-w, T

Or you can map it:

map <F2> :tab split <CR>:exec("tag ".expand("<cword>"))<CR>

For the gf equivalent of opening in new tab


or window split:


And again if you want to split AND then open in new tab,

Ctrl-w,f Ctrl-w, T

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    Yeap. This works for ctags +1. How about gf? – Jim Aug 13 '13 at 21:18

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