I have several hundred encapulated postscript files, and I want to merge them all into one big PDF. How can I do this?

  • Imagemagick's convert claims to do this.
    – ott--
    Aug 12 '13 at 19:46
  • @ott--: Feel free to add that as an answer.
    – Dan
    Aug 12 '13 at 19:48
  • I would be wary of using anything from ImageMagick to append vectorized images, such as the convert +/- append command. ImageMagick developers even warn against using it on vectorized images (unless you don't mind rasterization, of course).
    – madams
    Mar 23 '15 at 17:36
  • @madams I converted your answer to a comment since it wasn't actually answering the question. I saw in another comment that you're working on a solution. Please feel free to post it as a new answer and welcome to the site!
    – terdon
    Mar 23 '15 at 18:25

Use a command like:

gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dSAFER -sOutputFile=sin_800.pdf *.eps
  • 2
    For those like me who didn't know what gs is, it's a command that calls the GhostScript PostScript and PDF language interpreter and pre-viewer.
    – user44370
    Aug 12 '13 at 20:28
  • This worked great, but it added them as individual pages. How might you create a single page document from n images? Aug 30 '17 at 13:14
  • @ryanjdillon: You might want to ask that as a separate question.
    – Dan
    Aug 30 '17 at 16:28

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