Are there any CLI or GUI functions that I can use to monitor hits to iptables and watch as packets interact with iptables?

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Visualizing the rules


You can use this tool, gressgraph, to create a visualization of the rules.

  ss of gressgraph


Another tool is called dot-iptables. It's a Python script that's similar to gressgraph.


A 3rd tool is called graph-iptables. This tool is a Perl script which is again similar to the previous 2.

Visualizing the logs

There is also a tool called Afterglow for visualizing the iptables log files. There's a nice tutorial available titled, Use Afterglow To Visualize Iptables Logs On CentOS, RHEL, Fedora.

  ss of afterglow

Realtime monitoring iptables

One method for doing this is to use a script, like this Perl script, to monitor iptables by running it every coule of seconds and collect the various counters on the different chains.

Another method is to use a top like tool called iptstate. You can also check out its man page too.

          ss of iptstate

You can see more screenshots here on the iptstate website.

  • excellent response, certainly opened my eyes up to some other possibilities.
    – pjf
    Aug 9, 2013 at 7:55

You should be able to have this enabling modules ipt_LOG ipt6_LOG and using TRACE chain in raw table to debug streams/rules you need.

See http://backreference.org/2010/06/11/iptables-debugging/ for reference

  • Thats more like what I was after so see excactly which rules are being executed at which time.
    – pjf
    Aug 9, 2013 at 7:54

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