I have this strange problem with my Acer E1 421. First of all it's important to say that I've upgraded this laptop's memory to 8gb RAM instead of 2.

I decided to remove Windows 7 x64, and install Ubuntu, because I just hate Windows. The problem is, the install went all fine, but when I try to boot my laptop, this happens in order:

  • Boot laptop
  • Gets past BIOS Diagnostics
  • I see the purple Ubuntu thing
  • Screen goes black and stays that way until I press the Power off button
  • Boot laptop again
  • Gets past BIOS Diagnostics
  • I get an Ubuntu screen where I can choose Boot Normal/Recovery/...
  • I press Recovery
  • I don't do anything, simply click "Continue to Normal boot"
  • It works

Why do I always have to boot it up once, go through the whole recovery without actually doing anything, to get it booted?

I'm using the GRUB bootloader.

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When GRUB loads press E

Remove quiet and splash from the kernel line (starts with linux) so you can see the output of the bootup process.

Finally add nomodeset to the kernel line which will disable the loading of video drivers (for the splash screen) until X11 is loaded, which should be the fix.

EDIT: Once you've determined that this kernel parameter fixes the problem edit the grub config.


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