First, I'm not sure what window manager is running on my Mint installation. The "Control Center" yields no clues. Nevertheless - whatever I have is grabbing the emacs "meta" key (the option key on my Mac) and dropping down a window menu.

Being a Mac person, I could do without any of those option key shortcuts into the menus. Is there a way to turn them off completely? Barring that, is there a way to at least tell the manager to listen for some obscure key, so that I can get my meta keystrokes into emacs?


There is a way to turn off this behavior in Terminal, which is sufficient: from Terminal's Edit menu, select Keyboard Shortcuts. The topmost option is Enable Menu Access Keys. Toggle this option OFF.

(Incidentally, ControlCenter > Hardware > SystemInformation > OperatingSystem > CurrentSession > DesktopEnvironment will tell you what window manager you're running! If you really need to know... :-p)

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