I've been reading papers on Plan 9 from Bell Labs. In the paper on why Plan 9's not dead yet, around page 18, the author mentions "Farber". Googling reveals this to be a James Farber, but all I can find is that he coauthored UNIX: The Complete Reference. Who was he, and why is he important to UNIX?

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The only things additional I found:

I also found this reference to a conversation between Dave Korn and Jim Farber which I found funny. It was in the comp.unix.user-friendly group over on Google Groups from 1994.


Now for my psychologist hat. Editing skills are highly overlearned, so switching editors in unavoidably anti-productive because of negative transfer. It does not matter which editor you switch to or from. The best editor is always the one you have used the most, or a proper superset of it. That, by the way, was the advice Dave Korn got from Jim Farber and myself back when he was first designing ksh. And I think the world is better for it. Regards,

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