Suppose I want to search for the packet luasocket in OpenSUSE, but I don't know if it's called lua-socket, lua_socket, liblua-socket, lua5.1-socket, socket-lua or who knows what.

Therefore I make a search:

zypper se lua socket

The problem with this is it shows both packages containing lua keyword and also packets containing socket keyword, thus filling my screen with results I don't want.

zypper search --help tells the following:

   Command options:
     --match-all            Search for a match with all search strings (default).
     --match-any            Search for a match with any of the search strings.

But --match-all does not seem to work the way I expect. How can I AND terms when searching packets in OpenSUSE?

Note: If possible in a cleaner way than:

zypper se lua | grep socket

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I think that will be your cleanest option (as in easy to type).

You can do a regular expression in zypper:

From the help screen:

* and ? wildcards can also be used within search strings.
If a search string is enclosed in '/', it's interpreted as a regular expression.

You can try:

zypper se 'lua*socket'
  • That only works if you know in which order those words appear. What if I don't if the package I need is mysql-python or python-mysql?
    – Alicia
    Jun 13, 2014 at 22:12

Try to use regex and/or more patterns search like this one:

sudo zypper search /lib.*Qt.*Chart/ /lib.*Qt.*Web/

as described in man page

search (se) [options] [querystring|capability]...
       Search for packages matching any of the given search strings. * and ? wildcard characters can be used within search strings. If the search string is enclosed in /  (e.g. /^k.*e$/) it’s interpreted as a regular expression. See the install command for details about how to specify a capability.

you can use zypper se mysql

And you will get all info with 'mysql', then you can find out what you really want!

  • Are you suggesting to do filter manually, reading the entire screen output myself? That's worse than the grep workaround.
    – Alicia
    Nov 26, 2014 at 12:15

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