Hey I'm trying to resize my boot partition and eventually my LVM partition.

I currently have:

/dev/sda1 ext2         243M  
/dev/sda2 extended     7.76G  
unallocated            17G  

Ideally I'd like:

/dev/sda1 ext2         7.2G  
/dev/sda2 extended     17.76G

My main problem is my / that is too small and I can't install anything anymore.

I tried to resize /dev/sda1 but the max size is the current one. As I understand it, I need to move the unallocated space next to /dev/sda1 but Gparted doesn't let me. Any ideas?

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Keep only /boot in the first partition

First, 243MB is enough for /boot. If it's the root partition that you have on /dev/sda1, then there isn't enough room even for a basic installation. If you've separated /usr, don't: this was useful in the days of read-only or shared /usr but isn't nowadays.

To move the root partition:

  1. Move all the files to the existing partition on the logical volume.

  2. Move /boot back to /dev/sda1.

  3. Update your bootloader configuration. For example, if your bootloader is Grub, run update-grub. Also update your initrd or initramfs if you have one. The details depend on your distribution.

How to enlarge the first partition

Given that you have plenty of free space, the easiest solution is to make use of it and move your existing data there.

  1. Create a new logical partition sda6 in the free space with GParted.

  2. Create a physical volume in the new partition and add it to the existing volume group. I'll call the volume group mygroup.

    pvcreate /dev/sda6
    vgextend mygroup /dev/sda6
  3. Move the existing logical volume(s) to the new physical volume.

    pvmove /dev/sda5
  4. Decommission the now-unused physical volume.

    vgreduce mygroup /dev/sda5
    pvremove /dev/sda5
  5. In GParted, resize and move /dev/sda5 to make room for a larger /dev/sda1, and enlarge /dev/sda1.

  6. Create a physical volume on /dev/sda5 and add it to the volume group.

    pvcreate /dev/sda5
    vgextend mygroup /dev/sda5

    Use the free space on the volume group as you see fit.

  7. Extend the filesystem on /dev/sda1.

    resize2fs /dev/sda1

You can review the Resize Partitions with gParted but long story short you will need to split this into 2 steps:

  1. Move /dev/sda2
  2. Resize /dev/sda1

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