I'd like to assign different RAID levels to different subvolumes in my btrfs filesystem, eg have a subvolume /home that uses RAID 1 and a subvolume /var that uses RAID 0. Is that at all possible (if so, how?) or do I have to rely on separate filesystems / partitions to achieve this?

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    IIRC BTRFS does RAID between block devices. To get RAID for a particular filesystem hierarchy you would need to use LVM and only do the desired RAID level for a logical volume. All the -m raid* options to mkfs.btrfs appear to take block devices as arguments as well.
    – Bratchley
    Jul 13, 2013 at 15:12

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I've just cross-posted this question to the developers on [email protected], and I've got the following answer from Hugo Mills:

No, not yet.

It's planned at some point (probably in the fairly distant future), but hasn't arrived yet.

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