I have the following script code:


echo "BEGIN"
while read CMD <&1; do
    [ -z "$CMD" ] && continue
    case "$CMD" in
            echo "get_start"
            echo "get_stop"
            echo "get_uknown_command"
    echo "END";

When I run it with:

$./test.sh <input.txt

I get my script locked



Why my script is locked? How I can fix that?

BTW: If I enter the data manually then the script will not lock.

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    Don't read from stdout (&1). Try &0. – ott-- Jul 12 '13 at 11:01
  • @ott yes indded that was the error in the script. &0 means stdin and &1 means stdout. thnak you for the comment. make it an answer and I will accept it – MOHAMED Jul 12 '13 at 11:03
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    Why the redirect anyway? Just while read CMD; do should work. – manatwork Jul 12 '13 at 11:12

Your second line is incorrect, and overly complex anyway. The file descriptors for stdin, stdout, and stderr are 0, 1, and 2, respectively, so to read from stdin you'd want to have

while read CMD <&0; do 

However, since stdin is the default input for read,

while read CMD; do

is really the simplest way to go. This way, you can manually enter the commands, or use redirection on the command line to read from a file.

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