I've been messing around with Conky for a while now and I recently started dabbling in Lua scripting. One of the things that used to bug me about a "flat" conkyrc approach (as opposed to a combined conkyrc and lua script) was that you had to set the position for everything using trial and error.

Using lua and cairo I was hoping to avoid that: I get the screen resolution from xdpyinfo and make all my dimensions relative to the screen resolution. The problem with this approach is that I still need to adjust the Conky window position from within the conkyrc file and (as far as I know) it can't be done programmatically. So my question is, can I use the results from my lua script to set Conky configuration variables like gap_x and gap_y? Or is there maybe another way to set these variables programmatically?


Perhaps not the solution I had in mind, but a solution nonetheless: the Conky Lua API describes a conky_config function that returns "[a] string containing the path of the current Conky configuration file."

So my solution would be to open this file and edit it in place from within my lua script.

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